Injection & rotation…

April 14, 2011

Quick look at what I am working on right now.

Electric car


For the cokeys

For the farms and farmers


Design Does _________

April 14, 2011

Our Senior show took place at the Ice Box, which is a huge empty space. There were going to be 7 majors showing their thesis projects. Since there were 7 different majors we had to divide the place into 7. We decided to make our own walls. We used 1″ by 3″‘s to make the structure. There 2300 pieces. The design took about 3 months but the set up took 2 hours. We designed a template on the floor to hold the vertical pieces. We cut them on CNC which made everything much more easier for us. I was the head of construction team during this project.

Skeletton stool

April 14, 2011

Inspired by the skeletton. No hardware. This is old but I still love the design and also its unblievably rigid.

When I was at Uarts

April 14, 2011

Some videos that were taken during our school projects.

This video was taken during our senior show “Design Does”.  This was a work of the PR department.

PS: I have to change both rear suspensions after this footage.

We were setting up the ice box for our senior show. Designing the structure took about 3 months, but the whole set up took 2 hours.

Collab project: “Studio Next”. This were 5 different majors worked together on 7 different project.

Commercial Sabotage: This was our “Charette” project, where every works for 3 days to come up with an idea or a design.