Another school project that we have to make a video of our daily life and put it in a one minute video. This video shows how I go to school everyday but this time I am in a hurry because I woke up 28 minutes before class.

(By that time my right hand was broken. I had to do everything with my left hand.)


How to sketch a car

March 5, 2009

This is what I did for my instructables at

This video shows how to sketch a car in the right perspective.

Here are the links for my video:

Basket Bench

March 5, 2009


It is made out of aluminum sheets. Every sheet is 1″ wide. There were 3 different sized molds for the curved parts. The curved ones are connected to each other with another piece attached to the tip of them by a ribbet gun. I sanded all the parts before I put them together to give nice texture.  Sanding the parts helped it more look like steal.  I woven the top with same sized sheets and by this the model became solid.


Felt stool

March 5, 2009

This stool is made out of 8 layers of industrial gray felt and 2 layers of veneer. We put together the felts by using epoxy resin. The curves at the bottom helped us to give it more structurally strength.

Our main goal was to give this stool multiple purpose use. This model can be used as a table and a book shelf.

feltstool rendering




To see more :

Team members: Elissa Meyers, Bethany Casperite, Can Onart

Thanks: MetricFelt, Russel Plywood Inc., Aetna Felt

Keep on grass

March 5, 2009


This was my sophomore ritual and routine project at University of Arts.  The idea behind this was to change something that people do everyday and my group decided to focus on how people sit in the parks. Our goal was to create a relaxation area. We tried to put this in our design by elevating the grass from the ground.



When we started this project, we did a research on how people are sitting in the parks. When we put this mini park in an environment, we saw that every other person sat differently and that was what we were looking for.

Team members: Chris Mufalli, Christian Sidell, Arianne Sirizzotti, Can Onart