Spacebox Project

October 28, 2009

This was a project that I work for the first 6 weeks of my senior year. It was collaboration project mostly. We worked with MID and Multimedia departments. Spacebox is an temporary housing system that has been used as dorms and apartment complexes in Europe. The company came to our school – University of The Arts – and offered us to use the Spacebox for dorms as well, but they wanted us to “Americanize” it.

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The area for this project is 135′ by 75′ and the units size is 9′ x 9′ x 25′. The part where I took a part was working on the layout of the units in the empty lot. We could have fit 60 units inside but we decided to keep it low. The reason behind this was, we are an art school right in the middle of the Avenua of The Art.

1-aDorms. Front row is the gallery space.


Live-work-sell concept. Student will be living at the top floor, 2nd floor is their studio and the 1th floor is where they sell their products.


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